Frequently Asked Questions

How available are you for certain projects?
For yours, tomorrow! Well maybe, but most of our projects are started within two weeks of the estimate date. If it is urgent, or you have a deadline we will gladly do whatever we can to get the work done. Whenever is most convenient for you, is when we will schedule it.

What paints do you use?
Glad you asked! We only use high quality products to ensure high quality work, therefore, we use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore paints, and Faux Effect Products. However, if you would prefer and request a different product or brand, we would willingly fulfill those wishes.

What is the crews' normal working schedule?
Our crews usually work from 7:30a.m.-4:00p.m., Monday through Friday. However, we are flexible and can start and end earlier or later, and just to make you happy we can even come out on Saturday or Sunday. When necessary, we even do night shifts for businesses that need to be open during the day.

Should we refinish floors or re-carpet before of after painting?
Whoa, remodeling are we? We recommend that you refinish your floors Before we paint but re-carpet After.

How long will a job take?
A job can take as little or as much time as needed and estimated. By adjusting the crew size on a job we can control the speed of the job.

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* Johanson Corp has to be made aware of referral before estimate is given. Labor Cost has to be a minimum of $500.00. $100.00 only issued if referral accepts and completes job.